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Percussion Therapy

Percussion therapy is a special kind of massage performed using the Percussor device. The Percussor is a tapping device that delivers rhythmic vibrations deep into the muscles. Percussion therapy works as a deep joint/ tissue massage breaking up scar tissue which restricts the body’s fascia.

What Are The Fascia?

The fascia is the thin layer of connective tissue that covers and supports all muscles and inner organs.

When a trauma occurs the body produces extra tissue, known as scar tissue, to protect the damaged area. Scar tissue is tougher and less flexible than the regular fascia, restricting its range of movement and causing pain when it is pulled.

The Percussor breaks up scar tissue in the fascia allowing it to move freely, reducing chronic pain to older injuries.

Other Benefits of Percussion Therapy

Percussion Therapy can also help treat muscle tension, which doctors believe is the main cause of back pain. Muscle tension is a condition where muscles remain partially contracted for an extended amount of time.

Muscle tension occurs when every day stress triggers a physiological response within the body, constricting the blood vessels and reducing blood flow to the body. The rhythmic tapping of the Percussor is proven to increase blood flow granting immediate pain relief to sore muscles.

Find Out What Percussion Therapy Can Do For You!

We have experienced great success in relieving pain through this whole body percussion “massage”, even when other treatments have failed.

Contact us in Scottsdale today and learn more about percussion therapy.

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