Neck Pain

What You Need to Know About Neck Pain

Dr. Douglas Morris, chiropractor Arizona Chiropractic & Holistic Health Center in Scottsdale, has advice for understanding and getting timely care for the inevitable pains in the neck we all experience.

What You Need to Know About Neck Pain

Text Neck

Cell phones are everywhere. You can't walk down any street without seeing people glued to their phones. The result of this recent change in lifestyle for nearly everyone is that tens of millions of people suffer a condition of neck pain that has come to be called text neck. It is a painful problem in the muscles attached to your neck bones, your cervical spine. The people who need treatment for the pain of text neck are the people who overuse their mobile phones and other devices.

How much time do you have to spend on your phone every day to develop text neck? A company called e-marketer did a survey that found that the average American (including teens, young adults, middle-aged people, and seniors) spends 3 hours and 35 minutes a day on the phone, and another 1 hour and 9 minutes on a tablet. That's 4 hours and 44 minutes a day hunched over a tiny screen, putting 40 to 50 pounds of pressure on the muscles at the back of the neck. Is it any wonder that so many people need neck pain treatment?

At your chiropractor Scottsdale office, we see tech neck every day, in patients of all ages. By the time you have developed neck pain, it's really time to see your chiropractor for an adjustment. In the meantime, holding your device at eye level will take the stress off your neck — if you have the shoulders for it. It's best to come in as soon as you can for chiropractic adjustment and some tips on how to avoid tech neck in the future.


Just about every chiropractor treats the neck pain caused by whiplash. Whiplash is the damage to the muscles of the neck when the head goes through violent movements. The force of the accident damages neck muscles. Their healing process involves inflammation and swelling that pulls the joints of the spine out of alignment. But inflammation doesn't set in immediately. It can take a few days before swollen neck muscles begin to pull the cervical vertebrae out of alignment. It can take a few days or weeks or months more for a ripple effect to cause pain not just in the neck but also in the shoulders and arms and hands. Seeing your chiropractor as soon as possible can save you a lot of pain.

We treat neck pain at Arizona Chiropractic & Holistic Health Center.

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