Meet The Team

Trinity Divelbiss

Chiropractic Assistant
Licensed Massage Therapist

Trinity Divelbiss is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Chiropractic Assistant. In 2018, Trinity received her licenses from the Arizona School of Integrated Studies. Trinity specializes in trigger point/neuromuscular therapy, deep tissue massage, cupping, therapeutic stretching, lomi lomi and having a positive mental attitude (yes that is a skill!). Trinity became a massage therapist because people are her passion. She feels that if she is able to guide and nurture a person’s health in order to give them better quality of life, then she has accomplished something wonderful.

Prior to becoming a massage therapist, Trinity was a world traveler and gardener. Trinity enjoys frolicking in the desert, in the garden, or spending time with the people she loves most; namely, her sister, parents, and grandmother. She loves to travel, sing, paint, sculpt, and is passionate about flower pressing and human connection.

Trinity’s Educational and life goals include working towards understanding how people decide to be human, what that means to them, and how people are molded into what they’ve become. She aspires to someday become a doctor of naturopathy or chiropractic.

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Photo of Massage Therapist Dawnyelle

Dawnyelle Johnson

Licensed Massage Therapist

Dawnyelle Johnson is a National Board Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist. In 2009, Dawnyelle received her massage therapy license from Sunstate Academy in Clearwater, Florida. Dawnyelle specializes in deep tissue, Swedish massage, and mixed modality massage therapy. Dawnyelle has served her community by helping with the Phoenix Veteran’s Day parade, St. Mary’s food bank, and Arizona’s Junior Achievement.

Dawnyelle enjoys spending time with her family and friends, hiking, swimming, traveling, and furthering her massage education. She has been interested in Holistic living since 2001 and strives to better herself and her community every day.

Priscila Pilkingon

Licensed Massage Therapist

Priscila is an experienced massage therapist that specialized in deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release, sports massage, and is great at stretching the muscle. When Priscila was young, she originally dreamed of becoming a princess but that dream changed to massage therapist due to her father and grandmother. In 2015 her dream became reality when she graduated from the Arizona School of Massage therapy. One of the things she loves about being a massage therapist is the one-on-one interactions and the rewards worth more than money like when she received a handwritten thank-you note from a patient. Priscila enjoys working with us due to the fair prices, the good atmosphere, and she likes to make patients feel welcomed. When Priscila is not doing deep tissue massage therapy, she is spending time with her 2 kids, Meyli and Adriel, going to the gym and traveling. Her favorite food is tacos and her guilty pleasure is good old-fashioned chocolate and cookies.

Photo of Priscila - Massage therapist in Scottsdale
Photo of massage staff Donna

Donna Shephard

Licensed Massage Therapist

Donna is no stranger to massage. In 2010, she graduated from massage therapy school at the Cortiva Institute in Tempe, Arizona. Donna not only specializes in total relaxation massage (Swedish massage), but also has certifications in Gua Sha (similar to Graston technique), cupping, and prenatal massage. A high percentage of her clients fall asleep on the table. Prior to becoming a professional massage therapist, she worked in grocery retail for about 15 years as a bakery clerk, a bookkeeper, and a cashier. She also worked in hospitality and front desk in the hotel industry. After working in retail for so many years, Donna was searching for a career change where she could help others. After receiving a neck and shoulder massage, she walked out headache-free and energized. After that massage, Donna knew that she wanted to pursue a career in massage therapy in order to help people heal from physical ailments, pain, muscle tension, injuries, and stress. When Donna isn’t doing massage, she is visiting her daughter in Washington, hiking, baking, cooking, drinking wine, and eating gummy bears.

Lindsey Cole

Chiropractic Assistant
Licensed Massage Therapist

Not only is Lin a qualified massage therapist, but she holds a chiropractic assistant certification as well. When Lin was a child, she wanted to become an owner of a sea animal sanctuary and ever since she was 6 years old, Lindsey has worked with disabled people. She wanted to become a massage therapist to silently support others. In 2018, Lin graduated from the Arizona School of Integrative Studies. Though Lindsey enjoys doing massage in Scottsdale, she also enjoys her 2 cats, Jasper and Ponzu, spending time with her son, Zephyr, sunbathing, dancing, music, and eating. The most valuable lesson Lin has learned in her career is confidence is key and has enjoyed that she has been able to grow that confidence while working with us. She is motivated and contributes to the team by being in control of her work, understanding, and providing the best for the patient’s needs during their massage session.