Meet The Physician Assistant

Meet Kendel Gordon, PA-C

Scottsdale Physician Assistant

Kendel Gordon
Kendel GordonPhysician Assistant

Kendel is our dedicated, kind, and compassionate Physician Assistant (PA-C) committed to providing exceptional healthcare to all patients. With 13 years of clinical experience as a physician assistant in various medical settings, she is passionate about making a positive impact on people’s lives through personalized and comprehensive medical care.

Kendel is a valued member of our team and provides an additional layer of patient care. She allows our practice to expand our health care services as a different health care provider including trigger point injections, physical examination, Platelet rich plasma PRP injections, I.V. Hydration therapy, prolotherapy, vitamin injections, knee gel shots, cosmetic botox, vampire facials, allergy testing and much more.

Kendel finished her Physician Assistant studies in 2010 and graduated from the University of Alabama in Birmingham, AL. The PA school Kendel went to as a pa student has a special Surgical Physician Assistant program which is one of the few in the United States.

Her expertise extends across a wide range of medical disciplines, enabling her to offer top-notch care in non-narcotic pain management with a holistic focus and acute care (urgent care and emergency medicine).

Kendel believes pain weighs us down and interferes with living our lives as we should.

She is a firm believer that pain is not normal, that it can be treated and most times resolved. She has found that many times, the treatments that work are far simpler than expected. She believes in getting to the source of the problem and will diligently help her patients to find and resolve it.

When Kendel is not practicing medicine as a physician assistant in Scottsdale, she is spending time with her two adult children, going paddleboarding, kayaking, finding beaches, taking ice baths, and interacting with animals (especially horses). She is also an accomplished artist specializing in large-scale paintings. She even has commissions hanging in the Scottsdale airport!

Kendel has a few motos she lives by: “Anything is possible you just have to be creative about it!” and “There is never a reason not to be kind.”
All and all, Kendel loves to get to know her patients and they often end up laughing together. She says “Helping patients feel better is my service and I truly enjoy it.”

If you’re looking for a dedicated and experienced Physician Assistant who genuinely cares about your health, schedule an appointment or even just an information session with Kendel and embark on a journey towards better health and a brighter future together.