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"I have suffered for several years with chronic and uncomfortable neck pain that, while not stopping me from doing many things, has been a constant source of trouble. I have tried acupuncture alone and while that has been helpful in treating my symptoms of crunchies and extreme stiffness on a temporary basis, I never knew what the real problem was or what else I could do to help myself.
My husband and I are part-timers at Grayhawk and the second day back here this March, I was dropping off dry cleaning at the Grayhawk Plaza and saw the door was open to the AZ Chiropractic & Holistic Health Care Center. Just for the heck of it, I went in, met Dr. Marino and his fabulous mother and part-time office manager, Phyllis, and have been going back ever since!
First of all, Dr. M has an X-ray machine in his office so I was easily, quickly, and rather inexpensively able to find out my problem: arthritis in the lower cervical vertebrates. Knowing this, Dr. M was able to provide me with a combination of services incorporating chiropractic, acupuncture (without needles), acupressure, and other hand and machine techniques that have really made a difference. One has to make a commitment to the treatment and I did - about 4-5 weeks of 2X/week. Dr. M also recommended a new pillow for me and I am really enjoying its benefits as well.
Arthritis is a chronic problem and while I can never get rid of it, I have found that Dr. M's combination of treatments and techniques has really proven helpful to me. I have recommended folks to him and will continue to do so."
Margaret Stone
Scottsdale AZ
Dr. Marino Scafidi's office is conveniently located and is very comfortable and modern. To be completely honest, I haven't been to the chiropractor in years because I hate being poked, prodded and cracked. I went to see Dr. Marino because my back was bothering me I spent less than an hour at the office and walked out feeling much better.

All of Dr. Marinos equipment and tactics are modern and way less intrusive then I remember. I would recommend checking out his office

Sara G.